CTI Awarded GSA Service and Maintenance Contract

October 30th, 2014

Creative Tent awarded GSA Service Contract for shelters, tents and fabric structures

On August 5, 2014 Creative Tent International, Inc. was awarded an all-encompassing service and maintenance contract by the US Army. As the official US service team for all fabric shelters, systems, and tents sponsored and backed by the US Army we are able to service any of these structures you may have on your base or sitting in storage.

This contract is usable by any division of the US military, Department of Defense, and all federal agencies located within the continental United States and throughout the world. Our team is experienced and has high security clearance: we are able to go anywhere you have a need.

The contract scope includes: repair, maintenance, installation and disassembly services, inspections and consultations relating to all fabric shelters, systems, and tents. This includes evaluation of the current structure, recommendations for improvements, reconfigurations, and parts.

By using the GSA service contract, you are able to procure the service and support you require quickly and easily. To learn more about the contract or how we can assist you with your shelter system, tent or fabric structure give us a call at 702-789-2620.

You can also call toll free at 888-484-8368 or send an email to

CTI Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2014 with an Open House

October 27th, 2014

CTI Open house factory tourAfter 10 years of growth in Arizona, the owners of Creative Tent International, Inc. (CTI) Carol Fontius and Robert Stafford made the decision to move the company headquarters and manufacturing facility to Nevada. The decision was made after careful consideration so that the company could continue to grow, innovate, and expand. Through the help of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance and the City of Henderson we set up temporary offices in June of 2013.


In May of this year we began a 6 week process of moving our manufacturing facility to the Las Vegas valley. We are now settled into our new factory, located in Henderson, NV, where we will continue to grow and provide products and services of exceptional quality to our current and future customers.


On October 21, 2014 in conjunction with the Manufacturing Day celebration, we held an open house for our current customers, vendors, and partners, as well as, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and the local government and media. We are excited about our new factory and wanted to share our excitement. As part of the festivities, we held tours that explain how our process works and why our customers can trust in our quality and products.


The Southern Nevada community has been incredibly welcoming and we are excited to be part of a growing economy. We look forward to many years here and continued growth.

Creative Tent hosts factory tours at Open House Production Manager gives tour at CTI Open House Creative Tent Open House held in Shasta Shelter Creative Tent Hosts Open House Many celebrate CTI move at Open HouseCTI Open house factory tour

Happy Earth Day

April 22nd, 2014

Zero footprint tentsEach year we celebrate Earth Day. And each year we vow to plant a tree, create less garbage, and recycle more. Whatever the resolution, like New Years, it often fades quickly after the excitement of the day.

You may not know, but Earth Day began in 1970 after founder Senator Gaylord Nelson witnessed the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.  This was the beginning of the modern day environmental movement – in a time when it was highly unpopular, not politically correct, and was the babble of hippies. Being front and center on the evening news was not the goal, but it certainly helped.  One senator’s decision to bring attention to an otherwise unrecognized problem, created a movement that has transformed industry, policy, and the mindset of Americans.

With all that in mind and with today’s celebration, we want to share a little about what we, as a company, are doing to celebrate Earth Day – everyday.

As tent designers and manufacturers, our owners, Carol Fontius and Bob Stafford have made it their mission to not only create a well-crafted, high quality fabric tent that is made in the United States, but to engineer a design that leaves a zero footprint.

This means that when the military, oil companies, or private companies install our tents in remote locations like deserts or jungles, or in an area where property is not owned but rented, when it’s time to leave, the Fastrack System or Shasta Shelter can be taken down, packed up, and all tent parts removed.

Because there is no need for foundations with our tent structures and many can be installed by manual labor with no heavy equipment necessary, we truly are environmentally friendly and will leave a zero footprint. For more about how are tents are installed click here.

Marines of Honor

April 8th, 2014


This month we are celebrating all things Military. This week, we are focusing on the USMC. Take a look at this info graphic by Julia Dye from Lead or Dye. She does a great job outlining Marines of Honor and some of the interesting facts that surround them.

Do you know a Marine of Honor? We would love to honor them here. Feel free to share their story, list their name or whatever you would like in the comment section.

Technology Helps Marines

April 7th, 2014

Marines use technology to help them in their mission.This week there was a post in the Marine Corps Times about how technology is changing the way the Marines operate. The Marine Corps is changing its image while following budgets cuts and adapting to the end of 2 long wars. This technology is part of that new image and will transform their ability to be prepared for missions by giving them real-time updates en route.

To aid them is one of three Ospreys that facilitate this communication. They are equipped with an encrypted internal wifi that allows the troops to receive data from an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that has sensors pointed directly at the target. This alone helps troops to be better prepared for the mission. Instead of boarding the plane and falling asleep, they are now alert and paying attention to what is happening in real time with the enemy.

To read the full story, click here.